"NAZsong", in addition to regular gigs, from 2022 on, we are also going to perform "UNPLUGGETH" sessions. In 70-minute sets we will present our acoustic versions of the band´s pieces such as "Turn On Your Reciever", "This Month's Messiah", "Razamanaz", "Broken Down Angel", "Sunshine", "My White Bicycle", "Heart´s Grown Cold", "Love Hurts", "This Flight Tonight", "Hair Of The Dog" and more. Our recordings of some of those ("Love Hurts", "Sunshine", "Heart's Grown Cold",...) can be found in the section: MUSIC.


,,NAZsong,, vedle klasického koncertování bude od roku 2022 koncertovat s ,,UNPLUGGETH,, skladbami. V 70. minutovém akustickém koncertu Vám zahrajem skladby "Turn On Your Reciever" " This Month´s Messiah" "Razamanaz" " Broken Down Angel" "Sunshine" "My White Bicycle" "Heart´s Grown Cold" "Love Hurts" "This Flight Tonight" "Hair Of The Dog,, a jiné.... Naše hudební ukázka je v sekci ,,MUSIC,, kde jsou skladby v Unplugged verzích například "Love Hurts" "Sunshine" "Heart´s Grown Cold".